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  • 20 to 30 Lessons weekly
  • Conversational Lessons
  • Comprehensive Chinese

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  • Evening & Weekend Class
  • 4 Lessons weekly
  • Private Tutoring
  • Chinese for her
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  • HSK Preparation Course
  • Internship in China
  • Language Teacher Program


Student Reviews of our School

Kate Shapkina

26 – 35 , Kazakhstan

I was studying Chinese for two years in Chongqing University before I moved to Shanghai, but still had a feeling that it was not completely enough. I lacked deeper grammatical knowledge and my conversational skills were not that fluent. I found Mandalingua by chance when browsing Internet. I immediately liked location of the language school (right in the centre near the People's Square), and when I came for a visit, I was pleasantly surprised with a nice and friendly atmosphere, spacious and sunny classes, great management and teaching personnel. My teacher, Liu Weipeng is a high profile professional and I am grateful for the efforts he had put into my education. There was a specifically tailored course that included everything that I needed: we researched grammar, read business-oriented texts and just had a good chat in Chinese. In the end I decided that it was a high time for me…
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Uschi Boisvert

46 – 55 , Switzerland

I've been studying Chinese for quite some time but haven't had a chance to apply it. Therefore, a classmate and I decided to spend a few weeks at a language school in China. We are very happy to have chosen Mandalingua for several reasons. They have great, competent and patient teachers, the environment is conducive to learning and whenever possible they adjust the pace of the lesson for maximum results. We highly recommend this school.
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Michelle Bantel

18 – 25 , Switzerland

I've just been taking a few Chinese classes back in Switzerland before I left for my 6-weeks of intensive study at the Mandalingua language school, I therefore wasn't really able to speak by the time I arrived in Shanghai. Thanks to my motivated and everyday well-prepared teacher my Chinese improved very fast though! After classes I used to go to see different places in Shanghai and always tried to apply what we've learned in classes, and I really was able to understand and communicate more with native Chinese speakers day by day. Once you study at Mandalingua, you should also participate at the events the school offers. By doing so you can get to know more people and learn something about the Chinese culture at the same time. I am really happy that I've taken the decision to study at Mandalingua, I will never forget these 6 weeks I've spent…
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News about MandaLingua

19 Jun 2015

Dragon Boat Festival is coming

This weekend one of the three major Chinese holidays is taking place – The Famous Dragon Boat Festival.  According to the Chinese lunar calendar it falls on the 5th day of the 5th month and has been held for more than 2.000 years . During this festival you can watch dragon boat races and eat a lot of zongzi (sticky rice in different shapes and various fillings)

Read more about the history and traditional customs of the Dragon Boat Festival in China.


16 Mar 2015

New Course at MandaLingua

We are proud to launch our new course. Now everyone can learn with us Chinese, no matter where you are. You barely only need a Skype account and you can take your first class with one of our experienced local Chinese Teacher. Go to our skype course site and learn more about the online-skype-course and the content of the course.

Events & Activities of our School

Tai Chi Course
11 Apr 2015

Tai Chi Quan Exersice

Tai Ji Quan is one of the most widely practised martial art in the world today. It combines smooth flowing movements and punctuated by explosive strikes and kicks. Join our course with us in a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Date: 11.April 2015
Venue: People’s Park 
Time: 14.00 – 16.00 
Price: 150 RMB per Person

To register send us an e-mail to:

Mahjong Event
28 Mar 2015

Play with us Mahjong

Mahjong belongs one of the most popular games among Chinese. We will organise the 28th March 2015 between 14.00 and 17.00 with our EuroLingua students an Event where we will play together. Everyone is welcome!

Write us an e-mail to apply for the event at

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our school


China Guide

Chinese New Year 农历新年

Chinese New Year On February 18th it is on again. More than 750 million Chinese start their journeys, and travel throughout China in order to visit their friends and families at home. It is Chinese spring festival, also known as Chinese New Year (CNY). Although CNY is the most important feast of the year for […]

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Forbidden City 紫禁城

For anyone who wants to experience Chinese history, a visit to the Forbidden City in Beijing is a must. The site is one of the best preserved medieval building complexes in the world and belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. Welcome to the home of the last emperor , the ruler for 10,000 years…. History […]

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