Information about our School

In the centre of Shanghai, founded by a Swiss

The Language Institute

MandaLingua is a leading and the first Chinese Language School in China with a fully integrated and structured teaching concept. All Chinese language courses, programs, cultural workshops and activities are tailored to overseas students, expatriates, young professionals and children. Located in Shanghai, the school combines Swiss and German management with Mandarin language Experts from China to bring both cultures closer together. MandaLingua has also founded a Centre for Teacher education (MTTC) to develop and ensure the quality of language teachers in China. With their own unique curriculum and self-developed textbooks, MandaLingua belongs among the most highly regarded language schools in China.

Founder Team

After his Chinese Language study Daniele Bardaro (from Switzerland) established the MandaLingua Chinese Language School in Shanghai. Co-founder are Liu Weipeng, Chinese Language Expert from China and Ruan Peng, to bring both cultures closer together.

Best Practice Curriculum

Based on its knowledge and experiences in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, MandaLingua knows which teaching assets are crucial. We know there are 3 key concepts to consider for a successful foreign language study:

  1. Professional Chinese Teachers (trained at MTTC)
  2. Custom-designed Textbooks
  3. Perfectly elaborated Teaching Concept

For more details see our Teaching Concept in details.

Performance and Quality

We demand the highest standards of our services and courses, and commit ourselves to assuring the satisfaction of all participants with our professional and innovative course offerings.

Our institute in the center of Shanghai

Our Institute is located in the center of Shanghai, at the well-known People’s Square. There is convenient access to our School by taking the bus or the subway. We are just a few minutes walk away from the metro station. Also the famous pedestrian street Nanjing Road and the shopping street Huai Hai Road are also close by. Furthermore museums, parks and shops can be reached at short distance. Restaurants and coffee shops (Starbucks coffee) are close by.

Our Teachers

All our qualified and experienced Chinese teachers and trainers are Chinese native language speakers. They will be trained in our own Teacher Training Center (MTTC) in order to know how you can improve your Chinese skills quickly and efficiently.


We provide highly customised programs such as intensive chinese language classes, evening and weekend classes, or work & study programs combined with internships at Chinese and international companies. Classes are taught by a team of experienced, certified Chinese language instructors.


Our classes have been designed on the basis of a clear standardised teaching and learning methodology. All textbooks were developed internally, especially for use in MandaLingua classes.

Culture Activities

Besides or diversified range of courses we provide you with various culture activities, spare time and city trips in China to get a better understanding of the chinese culture.


13 bright and spacious classrooms provide you a comfortable learning atmosphere. In our Manda-Cafe you can enjoy the class break, read e-mails and talk to the participants from the other classes. Using the internet in our school is free of charge.

The Location

From metro line 1, 2 and 8 People’s Square or Meto Line 12 and 13

Explanation coming with Line 1, 2 and 8

Total: around 700 meters walk
Select Exit 11

Go from the exit straight ahead to the first pedestrian traffic light. Cross the street (West Nanjing Lu). After crossing the road, turn left and remain on the sidewalk and follow the road of the West Nanjing Road about 400 meters to the North Chengdu Road intersection.

Marking points: On the left side you will see the distinctive skyscraper from JW Marriott and on your side you will pass McDonalds and the Kohler showrooms.

At the intersection of North Chengdu Road, turn right and follow the course of the elevated road for 150m. You pass a hospital. The glazed skyscraper right after the hospital is the building of MandaLingua. Please use only the right elevators. The MandaLingua is located on the 20th floor on the ride hand side.


In our Road Map you find detailed descriptions how to get to MandaLingua with Metro Line 1, 2, 8, 12 and 13.


The Contact Details

MandaLingua, Chinese Language Institute

Junling Square Phase 1
500 Chengdu North Road, 20th floor
Huangpu District, People Square

Shanghai, China, 200001

中国,上海市黄浦区成都北路500号, (南京西路)
峻岭广场2005室, 邮政编码 200001

Telefon: +86- 21-5307-8210
Fax: +86-21-5307-8190

Public holidays in China 2017

In 2017 our school will be closed on following public holidays. We will be catch up the courses afterwards.

New Year’s Day: December 31st to January 2rd 2017
Spring Festival: January 27th to February 02nd 2017
Qing Ming Festival: April 2th to 4th 2017
Labor Day: April 29th to May 1st 2017
Dragon Boat Festival: May 28th to May 30th 2017
Mid Autumn Day: 4. October 2017
National Day: October 1st to October, 8th 2017