Culture Activities & Programs

Cultural activities to get a better mutual understanding

Calligraphy - 书法 shūfǎ

We will guide you through the more than 7.500 years old art of writing by using hand, paint brush and ink. We will focus on a consistent writing method and an aesthetic composition of the Chinese characters.

Tai Chi Chuan - 太极拳 tàijíquán

The thousands of years old chinese movement system Tai Chi Chuan, also known as shadow boxing, is used as a form of muscular relaxing. Additionally it should improve your concentration and coordination. The slow and concentrated movements will help you for a better sense of well being. Today Tai Chi Chuan is a popular morning open air exercise in China.


Tea Ceremony – 茶道 chádào

China is the home country of tea culture. Participate in a traditional chinese tea ceremony and experience and enjoy the creation and drinking of tea. The Chinese classical art of drinking and enjoying tea (茶藝cháyì) takes place in specific rules, therefore the Chinese use a wide range of different strains of tea. Tea in former times was used as medicine, today, tea has a rather more social standing. Guests will be entertained with tea to show valuation and appreciation.


Chinese Dumplings 饺子

Jiaozi are one of the most popular dishes among Chinese, Japanese and Western people. Basically they consist of meat, fish or vegetables filling wrapped into a thin piece of dough. They can be cooked in many ways like boiled with soup (水饺 shuijiao), steamed (蒸饺 zhengjiao) and pan fried (煎饺 jianjiao).

MahJongg – 麻将 májiàng

The chinese parlour game MahJongg (麻将  májiàng), originally from the 19th century, also became widely known in America and Europe in the early 20th century. To play it in a most enjoying way you should arrange at least 4 people. In 1998 MahJongg became accepted officially as a Chinese sport.