Mandarin Teacher Training Center

Standardized Education for every teacher

The MTTC (Mandarin Teacher Training Center) was founded by MandaLingua and educates Chinese native speakers from the ground-up to professional language teachers. It offers also advanced training to language teachers from MandaLingua and other Chinese schools. This institution stands for professionalism and high quality standards.

Standardized Education

The MTTC is managed by a private language school and delivers standardised education for teachers. The high quality of the teacher education is additionally ensured through steady improvements and knowledge exchanges with education professionals from famous universities in China.

Increased student Satisfaction

The goal of this innovative education is the acquisition of knowledge and skills relevant to the course, in order to identify the student’s needs and teach accordingly.

Thus, a higher level of student satisfaction is reached, leading to thriving, sustainable language schools.

Expert Knowledge
Pronunciation, writing, grammar, culture and language difficulties for foreigners.

Different teaching media for different kinds of students.

Teaching methods for children and teenagers for playful and easy Chinese study.

Education for individual, group and business language courses with adults.

Understanding different culture-based habits in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Personal Skills
Motivation techniques, awareness of different kinds of students and their wishes.

Courses & Trainings

Our courses and trainings can be held as

  • Intensive courses
  • In-service training
  • Stand-alone Modules


The entrie Education can be completed in three level and with a certificatation in Teaching Chinese as Second Language (TCSL).

  • Intermediate Studies TCLS
  • Advanced Studies in TCSL
  • Master TCSL

For more information please contact our Education Manager Liu Weipeng directly.
+86 (21) 5307 8161