Total Quality Management

Inspired by Kaizen

MandaLingua is the only Chinese language school in China, which applies a “Kaizen” – inspired total quality management concept, in order to guarantee the school’s quality in all aspects.

The implementation of Kaizen and TQM requires total cooperation from all teachers and management. The innovations are decided by the management, but improvements are made and lived by everyone.

This concept enables an optimum performance and contribution at each stage. Thanks to its indefinite character, sustainable and continuous improvements are made.

1. Teacher Quality Assurance (TQA)


Our management emphasizes great learning experience and positive study progress of our students. Therefore, we select and train our teachers carefully. Through monitoring in class rooms, we ensure diverse and interesting teaching in Chinese language for our students.

  1. Teacher recruitment
    a) Standardized recruitment process with defined criteria
  2. Monitoring and training
    a) Regular teacher monitoring in class rooms
    b) Evaluation of teacher monitoring results
    c) Weekly in-house training as improvement measurement
  3. Education and Teaching competence
    a) University degree or MTTC Advanced Study in Chinese as foreign language
    b) Teaching experience as Chinese language teacher
    c) Interactive teaching style
    d) Usage of different teaching media

2.Service and Consultancy Guarantee (SCG)


To make sure students will participate in the most suitable course and enjoy time learning with us, we care about our services and course consultancy we offer.

  1. Students service
    a) Availability of information on website
    b) Smooth course organisation
    c) Interesting and diverse school activities
  2. Course consultancy
    a) Course consultancy and offer are understandable
    b) Registration and payment processes are clear and easy
    c) Course consultant is competent and professional

3. Student’s satisfaction degree (SSD)


To complete the quality assessment, student opinions are also included and evaluated. In an anonymous form students have the opportunity to give a feedback on the following aspects of our school:

  1. Course satisfaction
    a) Utility and feasibility of content
    b) Personal study progress
    c) Value for money
  2. Teacher quality
    a) Understandable explanations in language and culture
    b) Interactive teaching style
    c) Speaking with appropriate velocity and clear pronunciation
  3. Teaching concept & material
    a) Well structured and understandable textbooks
    b) Teaching concept facilitates personal learning progress
    c) Usage of different teaching media
  4. Service and Facilities
    a) Course consultance and offer are understandable and clear
    b) Smooth course organisation
    c) Learning-friendly environment

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