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Summary China Business

Working and doing business in China. A challenge or an opportunity?

The Middle Kingdom is a country with many peculiarities. Be it in everyday life, at work, traveling or in private – it is advisable to pay attention to the small details in order to succeed in China. We would therefore like to introduce you to a few situations that will be mastered with a little preparation and a little intuition. This will make your time in China a positive experience.

Good preparation
Do not make the mistake of going to China unprepared. As globalization has progressed, the Middle Kingdom has a long tradition and history of its own that are difficult to compare to others. You benefit from our first-hand experience, which originated over many years in China.

For example, if you have a business meeting, preparation and knowledge of Chinese practice is important. Even if times have changed, small talk, business card exchange and trust creation are still very important at the beginning. Do not forget that China is now a big economic power and therefore the own appreciation and the self-confidence of the Chinese business partners became stronger.

Intermediaries and Hierarchies
It is equally important to know that hierarchies and the involvement of intermediaries who make contact are fundamental. To find out who a decision maker is and who does not need some practice here. Also patience and the renunciation of pressure on the opposite are much appreciated. Be prepared that decisions may not be taken immediately.

Loss face and presents
This also means that a loss of face is absolutely to be avoided. A well thought-out gift for a business or private appointment, the right restaurant reservation, or the appropriate food can make a difference. Do not leave anything to chance here – we teach and train you comprehensively about these situations in order to save you and your counterparts a loss of face. The topic of food, seating arrangements, and table manners already contain pitfalls that you master well with little preparation and will leave an impression in the eyes of your business partners.

Metropolises and Work
You are ready for China thanks to previous knowledge and our advice? But you do not know where to go yet? Then it is time to find the right place. First and foremost, of course, the major cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Chengdu are known. Most foreigners live in these cities (out of a total of 600,000 foreigners in 20110, for example, 200,000 lived in Shanghai).

In addition, there are still 90 other million cities, some of which are still unknown in the West and, despite their size, seem almost provincial. Here, too, we would like to give you an in-depth overview of the various aspects. Another important point is the work permit. There are clearer rules since 2017, which must be strictly adhered to. Knowing the exact procedures and your chances are of great advantage here. Thanks to our experience with foreign employees in Shanghai and our large network in China, we can advise you in this regard.

Cooperation with Chinese
Business culture, the working world in China and cooperation with Chinese differ in some ways from Western business practices. Again, you should familiarize yourself with the differences in advance. Be aware that a good network is very helpful in many situations. This should be maintained, although here are a few peculiarities in terms of giving and taking and also the choice of gifts is crucial. Collaboration with Chinese is definitely exciting and challenging at the same time. For example, many Chinese are hard working, but not necessarily innovative. The leadership and control of employees has a different meaning than in the Western professional world. If you work as a manager or executive at a Chinese company, you can not use learned leadership methods here. Here, too, you will find your way through a good preparation and be able to avoid a loss of face.

Moving to China
Now comes another important part of your planning: moving and living in China. This raises the question of whether one should take his furniture to China. It should be noted that 95% of apartments and houses are already offered furnished. The search for an empty apartment is therefore difficult. In addition there are the long transport routes of the containers of at least 7 – 9 weeks between Europe and China.

Everyday life in China
You will find out on site that everyday life in China is very different from what you are used to. It is definitely enriching, but it can also be challenging. Here it is important to consider in advance how to meet the challenges, so that there is no frustration. For example, Chinese language learning, the cost of living, health care, and the theme of the Chinese holiday are key issues to think about in advance.

Our know-how – your profit
Whatever questions you might have, trust in first-hand information. Make an appointment with us for a consultation, where we will give you an overview of our services and our great experience.