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Summary China Living

How can you live in China? How strongly does the culture influence life?

Like most countries in the world, China is rich in culture and history. Who wants to settle here, inevitably encounters challenges, be it in language or culture. However, this inevitably leads to a new perspective and enriches one’s own perception. Preparing you for this time is our goal and we therefore support you tailor-made in your adventure!

Density stress vs. normality
If you think of China, then you inevitably think about the many people in this country. So it is natural that it gets a bit crowded on the streets and in the metro. What is known as dense stress in the Western world suddenly experiences a new meaning here. However, this is part of Chinese everyday life like many other things that may seem a bit monstrous to you right now. But with the right preparation, you are well prepared for your life in China.

Find apartment
Of course, one of the first goals is to find accommodation. This will be almost impossible from here. It is recommended to stay in a service apartment or hotel for the first few weeks, then look specifically for an agent to find an apartment in your desired quarter, which you identified during your first outings. For this purpose, it is advisable to already deal with our help on issues such as lease, bail or furniture.

The cost of living in China varies a lot. If you are looking for western standard and imported products, everyday life will inevitably be expensive. But it is also possible to live in a more favourable environment. This includes trying out new kitchens and even moving outside of the well-known Western restaurant chains. Especially the Chinese cuisine is so varied that you can eat in simple restaurants and food stalls at very reasonable prices.

Speak Chinese
Of course, this includes the understanding of the Chinese language. Although about 70% of the population speak Mandarin, there are also other languages and dialects such as Yue, Wu, Minbei, Minnan or other minority languages. The choice of whereabouts inevitably determines the question of language. Here you are in good hands with us. We will find the best way for you to learn the language and to find your way in everyday life. When looking for a place, the climate is also important. China is a big country with different climate zones. From harsh winters in the north to subtropical conditions, everything is possible depending on the region.

Driving license
There are also other topics that you will inevitably have to face. Whether it is obtaining a driver’s license (the international driver’s license is not recognized in China!), Opening a bank account, Internet (which is partly limited in content) or paying in stores. In many situations, differences to our habits reveal themselves. Technologically, however, is China partly in the fast lane, especially with regard to cashless payments or communication. Here is the app WeChat indispensable and simplifies much.

Security in China
With regard to security, it should be said that China is one of the safe countries. Strict laws such as prohibition of weapons, prohibitions on drug trafficking and gambling are included. In addition, for example, the death penalty applies to murder or drug trafficking. Likewise, it is not in the culture of the Chinese people to harass people and make public trouble. Nevertheless, as everywhere in the world, beware of pickpockets and invitations on the street for a visit to a teahouse or bar. Here you will not enjoy the bill afterwards.

Customs and superstitions
Everyday life is strongly influenced by a millennia-old culture. Also, certain customs and superstitions are firmly anchored in the Chinese soul. This will allow you to encounter situations that may seem strange to you and unsettle you, but which are very normal for Chinese people. Again, our goal is to prepare you in advance for these cultural differences. Understanding the habits and origin of them is an essential factor. With our help, a culture shock is prevented as much as possible.

Tradition and collectivism
Traditional rules mean that spontaneity and improvisation are quite rare. Once you understand the procedures and processes of daily life, it becomes clear that violations of these norms are to be avoided, even to avoid loss of face. This is very important to know, because such a loss of face is difficult for the Chinese to bear. All this is connected with an orientation to the here and now. Immediate wealth is more desired than long-term investment. Material values play a big role, because you never know what’s going to happen next. Especially the recent, sometimes not always positive history of China brought that people want to enjoy the here and now. In part, this leads again to a departure from the long-lived collectivism and brings, coupled with a higher standard of living, signs of individualism with it.

With us, China will be a success for you
You will gain incomparable experiences in China and get to know a lot of new things. In order for you to succeed and that you will consider this as a beautiful enrichment in your life, we are there for you. We will help you to discuss all detailed questions already in advance. Through our experience, we ensure the best possible start in China.