China´s background

Meet and understand China

This workshop will provide you with interesting and exciting background information on how to understand the behavior of the Chinese people in certain situations. We will also follow the question how much Communism is left in China and how much traditional consciousness is left after the Cultural Revolution among the Chinese.


  • Facts and figures about China
  • Historical overview
  • Economy – Facts & Figures
  • Country and its people – then and now
  • Political system today – succinctly
  • Dos and Don’ts in China


We provide you with competence in relation to China and as a group; we will have a close look at the economy and the core elements of Chinese history. From the first Empire, the fall of the imperial empire, the time of the “the great leader” to the reopening of China and the renewed rise to a superpower. We will also address certain “Dos and Don’ts”” and introduce you to the Chinese way of life.

China is a very large country with a very long history, however, in the last 100 years has gone through a lot of changes. From the conscious foreclosure by the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) to the forced opening by the opium wars and a renewed separation from the world in the first phase of communism. In the 1970s, an inner desire for openness to the outside world grew and the reforms of the economy by Deng Xiaoping made this possible. After this step, China made a sudden development within 30 years that is similar to an industrial revolution or further than that.

The Chinese are generally a generous people which still look respectable up to foreigners. Knowing and avoiding pitfalls, as well as an appropriate behavior in certain situations. This will make the daily contact with the local population or the Chinese business partners easier. Thus, even the simple question “If you have already eaten”, will elicit a radiant smile of a Chinese – after all, it is a common greeting phrase, much as ‘How are you’ in Europe.


Daniele Bardaro
Managing Director Mandalingua Chinese Language School

Daniele is a Swiss citizen and founder of MandaLingua language school in Shanghai. He has an economics degree, has been living in China for more than seven years and has studied at two well-known Chinese universities. He is a connoisseur of Chinese culture and Chinese people. Daniele understands the principal facets of doing business in China very good, has founded two companies in China and is very knowledgeable with the Chinese business challenges. Daniele is fluent in Mandarin, English, Swiss German, German and Italian.

Dennis Voß
Head of Costumer Relations

Dennis is a German citizen, grew up in Spain, lived in Switzerland and Ireland. He is a fully trained hotel industry expert and has a Bachelor Professional in Business and is a Certified Business Manager. He has an MBA in “Complex Business in China” from the Shanghai Jiaotong University. He traveled 40 countries and came in touch with the different people and their cultures. After working in small & large companies around the world, he followed the Chinese reputation and ensures since 2015 as the client manager of MandaLingua language school the satisfaction of students from around the world. In addition, he performs various cultural workshops with students and customers of MandaLingua School.

Why us?

We have a wide range of knowledge in the Chinese cultural sphere that we were able to build through Business, as well as private contacts and friendships with the Chinese. Through a lot of traveling and our own, exciting experiences in China we are able to offer a vivid picture of the Chinese people and this multifaceted country.

We continuously offer further talks, leading to deepening your knowledge and for a better understanding of this great country – in your private, as well as in your business life.

We provide relevant certificates that give your CV a Chinese reference, because the global economy will increasingly interact with China.

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Workshop Details

  • 270 ¥ per person, 1 drink included
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • max. 10 participants
  • Workshop certificate for every participant

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China´s background
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