Essential Chinese Daily Life TWO

Increase your knowledge of everyday life situations in just 60 lessons

You have completed the Essential Chinese One Course and want to increase your knowledge of everyday life situations in just 60 lessons? In this case, this is the right course for you.

With the Essential Chinese Daily Life TWO Course, you will get the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the Essential Chinese One Course in order to continuously master everyday life situations.

You will gain further insights into Chinese culture and further exciting topics, so that you can apply your knowledge at any time, day in day out. This course is designed for people who plan to spend some time in China, in order to interact and communicate more confidently with the Chinese, as well as to make your everyday life in China easier. At the end of the course, you will be able to skilfully express opinions and thoughts/statements.

Possible topics are:

  • Where did you grow up
  • Did you just move here
  • I want to congratulate you
  • Which sport do you like
  • What household items do I need
  • How can I exchange this item
  • How was your weekend
  • I work and study here
  • Where are you planning to go on holiday
  • Where can I get something fixed (repaired)
  • Taking the position of being a host or a guest

After taking the course, you will be able to:

  • Ask more detailed questions
  • Compare things and people
  • Apply Chinese past tense
  • Apply Chinese future tense
  • Express opinions and feelings

Essential Chinese Course Description

In the Essential Chinese Daily Life TWO Course, we will focus on speech and comprehension with a specially designed syllabus lesson plan. Each lesson is prepared individually. By applying everyday dialogues, you will be able to expand your language skills with efficiency and fun.

Our MTTC Chinese teachers

All of our language teachers and trainers are Chinese native speakers and are regularly trained at our Mandarin Teacher Training Center (MTTC), in order to provide you with simple and efficient Chinese language lessons.

Why choosing the Essential Chinese Course with us?

Individual learning for maximum learning success
Experienced Chinese language teachers (native speakers exclusively)
Interesting, specially designed textbooks
A professional team under European management
Let us provide you with a customized Chinese Course and talk Chinese just after a few lessons.

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Course details

Course Description

  • You choose how many lessons per week you like
  • This course contains 60 lessons
  • Speaking & Listening

General Information

  • Course starts any time
  • Course time and content individually arranged
  • Class size 1 person with your private teacher
  • Group course with private teacher on request

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Essential Chinese Daily Life TWO
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