What I will learn on Level B1 / B2

Advanced Level B1 to B2

We take particular care to ensure that you learn a lot and receive ample opportunites to practice the language in class. Our lively, varied lesson plans contribute to maintaining a high level of motivation throughout the course.

Level B1

Daily life conversation

  • Organising a houshold in case of damages and repairs
  • Phone, international connections, charging account balance and payment of bills
  • Opening a bank account and transferring money overseas
  • Talking about quality and complaining in a shop
  • Conversations at a wedding
  • Weather situations, their consequences and risks

Holidays and spare time

  • Discussions about travelling and flights delays
  • Booking holidays and hotel rooms, restaurants and sightseeing spots
  • Chinese TV shows
  • Soccer games
  • In the office or at school

Job hunting, CV, job interviews

  • Chinese culture

Chinese cuisines and tastes

  • Tea and culture
  • Chinese holidays and traditions
  • Learning Chinese writing
  • Personal and opinions

Easy description of a person regarding look and character

  • Look, weight and diet
  • First conversations about relationship and partner

Level B2

Daily life conversation

  • Sign tenancy agreement and acceptance inspection
  • Buying daily necessities
  • Talking about massages, cosmetic applications, acupuncture and pain
  • Discussions in the hospital after a traffic accident
  • In the office or in the school

Computer, hard and software

  • Office equipment, occupations and tasks
  • Elementary school until university and career

Holidays and spare time

  • Visiting famous spots in China: Terracotta Army, Huashan
  • Music, singing and dance
  • Soccer Championship
  • Chinese culture
  • The four inventions of China

Personal and opinions

  • Relationship, love, characteristics and worldly wisdom
  • Natural ressources, environment, environmental pollution and protection