What I will learn on Level A1 - A2

Beginner from A1 to A2 with day-to-day topics

We take particular care to ensure that you learn a lot and receive ample opportunites to practice the language in class. Our lively, varied lesson plans contribute to maintaining a high level of motivation throughout the course.

Level A1

Daily life conversation

  • Make appointments including time, date and place
  • On the road through Shanghai by taxi, metro or on foot
  • Follow directions
  • Shopping situation with questions after clothing, food and price
  • Restaurant conversations about food, beverages and how to order
  • Speak with the doctor about body and health

Holidays and spare time

  • Hobbies and sports

Personal and opinions

  • Introduce yourself, your family and friends

Level A2

Daily life conversation

  • Apartment hunting with an agent, moving, the new home and furniture
  • Discussion at the hairdresser about haircut, colour and method of payment
  • Organising your household, tidiness and hygiene
  • Festivities like birthdays and Christmas
  • Accident and thievery

Holidays and spare time

  • Weather, seasons, landscape and outdoor activities
  • Buying tickets at the travel agency, talking about holidays
  • Cinema and movies
  • At the zoo, animals and their environment

In the office or in the school

  • First conversations in the office
  • Writing an easy letter with the correct salutation

Chinese culture

  • Cooking, ingredients and methods of preparation
  • Describing life and culture in China