What I will learn in Business Chinese

Business Chinese for every Manager and Leader

The Business Chinese is based on a minimum level of the Practical Chinese A2. In order to cope with the different challenges at daily work, the Business Chinese is divided in different focusses:

  1. General company management
  2. Strategic decisions in business development and relocation
  3. International trade and economy

1. General company management

In this course you will learn the basic terminologies for daily work situations. You will be able to correctly name all the office objects and materials. You will know the organization structure and who is responsible for which tasks. You will also learn how to explain your opinion and point of view during meetings. Further, you will not only be able to discuss working processes and schedules, but also to have conversations about marketing activities, recruitment and training. Regarding the written Chinese, you will learn to write formal letters, annual plans and reports in Chinese. 80 lessons are requested.

2. Strategic decisions in business development and relocation

On the basis of case studies you will learn strategic Business Chinese in business development, relocation and adaptions to the new local circumstances. The case studies are based on real and international successful companies like Starbucks, IKEA and KFC, which have relocated in China. The book also discusses Chinese companies, which have successfully established overseas, for instance TCL and Lenovo. 80 lessons are requested.

3. International trade and economy

The comprehensive topic of international trade and economy is divided in four courses with different teaching materials after the degree of difficulty.

Medium Level A
In this course you will acquire the terminologies and knowledge starting from developing international business relations until the successful exchange of goods. In the field of buying and selling you will learn how to negotiate prices, quantity, discounts and methods of payment. Furthermore, you will discuss the topic of international transportation including package, insurance and customs. In a separate part you will engage in the field of internet trading. 100 lessons are requested.

Medium Level B
This course offers you the chance to understand in Chinese the history and development of different kinds of trade. You will discuss amongst others the fields of technical trading, service trading and product trading. Furthermore, you will acquire language skills in the development of international trading market as well as retailing, such as stock markets and insurance market. 100 lessons are requested.

Senior Level A
In this course you will discuss how the Chinese culture and the economy are mutually influencial. Based on this, you will learn the crucial terminologies in order to understand how brands will be built in China successfully and how advertising effort will be designed. 80 lessons are requested.

Senior Level B
In this course you will learn the terminologies, in order to discuss the different kinds of cultures within the business of international trading. Based on the food, beverage, fashion and amongst other kinds of trades, you will learn the different behavior and demand patterns of regions or countries. 80 lessons are requested.