What I will learn on Level C1 - C2

Proficiency C1 to C2

Level C1

The book consists of 8 chapters. In every chapter there are two texts of similar content.

The focus of this book lies in description of opinions about life, experience in changing jobs, exercise plans, the idealistic family life situations, tourism spots, famous historic Chinese persons. Furthermore, it is about discussion about health, primary school education, responsibility of a painter and sending gifts.

Level C2

The book consists of 24 texts and 24 sub-texts, which are suitable for reading.

The book is clearly structured according to its degree of difficulty. It starts with daily life’s joys and sorrows and slowly it extends to more profound topics about relationships, feelings, life, nature, environment, society, customs and culture.

The book gives you also a chance to realise the language changes between the old and modern Chinese, and to discuss the chinese and western culture differences. New words are introduced in Chinese and English with explanations and examples.