FAQ - How do I pay for my course

Bank transfer, cash or by card

How can I pay the invoice for the course?
If you live outside China, you can pay by transferring funds to one of our international bank accounts by Kreditcard or in Cash. You will receive details of the payment options with the bill. We can accept payment in US dollars and Euros.

Do the fees increase during the summer?
Mandalingua does not increase it’s fees during any season. You only pay the rates published on our website.

Which credit cards does MandaLinga accept?
We accept the most popular credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and the Chinese UniPay.

When should I make my payment?
We need to ensure your place in our program and reserve your seat. The earlier you pay the better. For sure, we need to receive payment a minimum of 4 weeks before you begin your course. Please let us know if this may cause you any problems.

Will I be informed after I pay for the course?
Yes, we will let you know when payment has been received and shall pass on to you the Pre-Departure Pack and/or Letter of Acceptance.