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Visa for language abroad students and for Internship in China

F or M Business Visa

F Visas are issued for a period of up to six month for foreign citizen who are invited to the PRC for a Research, lecture, business, exchange in the field of science, technology, education, culture, and sport, to attend various types of trade fairs or exhibitions, and for short them study and internships in China.

The exposure draft proposes that a new M Visa be introduced for visits by foreign visitors for non commercial activities including scientific research, education such as learning Chinese in Shanghai, cultural exchange, health or sport activities.

X1 and X2 Visa

X1 Student Visa will be issued for students who come to China for study or advanced study up to 12 month. X1 Student Visa holder should apply for Temporary Residence Permit.

X2 Student Visa will be issued to all foreigners who attend to come to China for study the Chinese language up to 6 month.

Note: It’s not allowed to work with any kind of X-Visa. But part time job off and internship can be authorized in the near future.

L –Tourist Visa

The tourist Visa can be issued for a short term period, most time up to 30 to 90 days. It can be applied without any invitation letter from an academic institution.

Special Visa

We are able to issue 12 month multiple entries Visa for most of all countries. We can provide two kind of Visa:

  • M60 Business Visa
  • L90 Tourist Visa


  • Original Passport must remain 18 month valid, and 2 empty pages left
  • One China Visa in your Visa
  • Regular Process 20 to 25 working days

Please contact us for further information contact@mandalingua.com


Other kind of Visa type

Z-Visa (Work Visa)

To work legally need to be applied for a work visa. The work visa can be only issued to the aliens if the employee meets certain requirements.

  • At least 2 years working experience n the field who you want work in China
  • Bachelor degree
  • Are a foreign expert

R Talent Visa

Under the new regulation from the 1th September 2013 R-Visa will be issued for high – level personnel and much needed talented persons. It is not specified which type of talents eligible applicants for the R-Visa. However, you R-Visa applicants must have a highly skilled and specialized qualification that is needed in China.

G Visa (144 hour transit Visa)

Since the 30th January 2016 the Chinese Authorities allow transit travelers to get into China for maximum 144 hours. Be aware, that the Visa will be only issued, if you are in transit in Shanghai. During the layover period it’s only allowed to visit three places such as Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province.

Q- Visa for Visiting Family Members

A new Q Visa will be introduced for family members visiting China nationals or foreigner nationals holding a Chinese Green Card. The existing L Visa will be reserved for tourist only. Like other newly introduced visas, the Q visa will be sub-divided into two categories. Q1 for a long-term stay, greater than 180 days) and Q2 for short term stay up to 180 days.

S-Visa for Private Affairs

In addition to the above, the draft implementation rules also include the S-Visa, which is issued to foreigner visiting China for private affairs, e.g. marriage , inheritance, adoption, medical.

Letter of Acceptance

We are glad to issue you a letter of Acceptance for your Visa in China

Further Information

For further question about the VISA application process don’t hesitate to ask us. We are cooperating with several Chinese agents who will support us even if there are questions about a VISA period extension.