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Terms & Condition Language Travel

Our Terms and Condition

General Terms and Conditions Language course
(Version 1 / Status: 16 January 2019)

The following general terms and conditions of contract (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) form an integral part of the present contractual relationship between the customer and Inforce Group AG, Stettbachstrasse 6, 8600 Dübendorf [company identification: CHE-142.319.583], which in this case occurs under its trademark “Mandalingua” and is abbreviated to “ML” in the following conditions. The terms and conditions are available on the website: www.mandalingua.com at any time and are enclosed with the written confirmation.

1. General

ML represents language schools from Taiwan and China and provides their services in Europe and partly the debt collection for them (see also Article 4).

The customer concludes an agreement with ML as a mediator and with the language school as a service provider and possibly other providers individual contracts regarding the stay and the lessons. The ML forwards all information and information of the contract to the service provider for the implementation of the language course and other services.

ML offers clients advice on language stays and supports customers in concluding a contract by undertaking communication as part of the contract. These services are basically free of charge for the customer, as ML is compensated by the language schools by means of a placement commission.

Should the customer wish to use further services from ML, this can be done on the basis of an individual agreement and for a corresponding fee.

2. Registration and conclusion of contract

The registration can be made either verbally (by phone / in person) or in writing (via e-mail or post). A contractual relationship is justified with the dispatch of the invoice by ML or the dispatch of the invoice of the language school.

Price changes by the language school until the final invoicing remain reserved. In this case ML assumes no liability.

3. Registration fees

For administrative activities, ML charges an order fee of CHF 60.00 / EUR 55.00 per order. For bookings reaching ML 10 working days and later before travel, additional express charges of CHF 80.00 / EUR 70.00 per order will be charged. This order fee is only charged if the final bill for the language course or the booked lessons do not exceed the amount of CHF 50.00 / EUR 450.00

4. Payment terms

Unless stated on the invoice otherwise, the payment period is 20 days from the date of invoice.

The invoice is to be paid in Swiss Francs or Euro via bank or postal transfer. Payments by credit and debit cards are not possible. Any bank and postal charges are charged to the customer.

In case of direct invoicing by the language school itself, the payment terms also apply.

If, despite a reminder and the setting of a grace period, the costs are not received in due time, ML is entitled to withdraw from the contract without further correspondence and to demand the cancellation costs of CHF 100.00 / EUR 90.00. The assertion of further damages like cancellation fees of the language school according their GTC’s remains reserved.

5. Transfers or cancellations

The ML is trying to take into account any changes in bookings prior to departure, unless this can be reconciled with the contractual conditions of the service provider on site. For each rebooking the ML will charge a processing fee of at least CHF 150.00 / EUR 135.00 per order.

A  cancellation or resignation is to be compensated with CHF 350.00 / EUR 300.00 to ML for their activities. A change of school is not as a rebooking, but as cancellation or resignation.

The compensation of the service provider on site is to be paid additionally and is based on its contractual basis. Basically, the conditions of the local service providers stipulate that there is no claim for reimbursement if the services are not or not completely procured!

6. Insurance

An annulment for serious reasons (illness, accident, etc.) can be covered by a travel cancellation insurance or travel or cancellation insurance. ML recommends e.g. the basic package of Europäische Reiseversicherungs AG.

7. Entry requirements / visa

The customer must inform himself in his own responsibility about the necessary entry, visa, foreign exchange, vaccination and insurance provisions. In this context, reference is made to the travel advisories of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in Switzerland or the Foreign Office in Germany. There are also hints on the ML website. A detailed discussion of the destination by the customer is required.

8. Liability

ML assumes liability for careful information of the customer and proper communication with the service providers.  The ML assumes no liability for the content of the school programs, the design and implementation of the course or for accommodation. Further liability is excluded.

9. Complaint

Due to the large cultural and economic differences, there may be deviations from the European standard both in terms of language training and accommodation. If, despite these circumstances, the customer believes that the quality offered does not correspond to what has been agreed, the matter must be discussed with the responsible person on site. If the request can not be resolved satisfactorily, ML must be contacted by phone or e-mail. ML will try to find a solution.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Only Swiss law is applicable. Jurisdiction is CH-8600 Dübendorf (registered office of the company)

For the sake of readability, the simultaneous use of male and female forms is dispensed with. All persons and function names are valid regardless of the female or male language form for both sexes