Language Level

According to the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR)

Chinese Language Levels for Foreigners

A1 and A2 - Basic User of Chinese language

Description Level A1 (HSK 1-2)

You can understand familiar sentences and participate in a simple conversation on a given topic, as long as your conversational partner speaks slowly and distinctly.
You are able to describe simple situations or express elementary needs. You can also ask questions about daily subjects and answer questions appropriately.
You understand basic guidelines, instructions, or information.

Description Level A2 (HSK 3)

In a familiar context you can express your opinions and wishes in a simple way.
You are able  to converse about common, familiar matters in simple direct exchanges, or to give a thorough description of basic needs.
You understand information about familiar topics and you are able to formulate appropriate questions regarding these.

Chinese Language Levels for Foreigners

B1 and B2 – Independent User of Chinese language

Description Level B1 (HSK 4)

You are able to discuss about simple cultural topics and given matters and you can mention your point of view in a familiar subject.
Furthermore you can manage all kinds of situations which you are going to encounter in spare time or on travelling.
To talk about experiences and future plans as well as giving short statement in such topics is one of your abilities now.

Description Level B2 (HSK 4-5)

You can follow a simple speech about a familiar topic and you are competent to start a short presentation.
You can talk to Chinese native speaker in a spontaneous way and you know how to express your opinion.
New Information you can understand easily and you are able to work on it in a short time.

Chinese Language Levels for Foreigners

C1 and C2 – Proficient User of Chinese language

Description Level C1 (HSK 5)

You are capable to discuss about a wide range of daily topics and within this you can ask questions spontaneously.
You are able to speak Chinese comparatively fluent and in difficult phrases and topics you can talk extensively.
You understand how to describe the advantages and disadvantages of special situations.

Description Level C2 (HSK 6)

Ambitious sentence structures you can understand and you can talk about demanding topics.
You understand the Chinese language very easy and you can talk fluently now.
To speak the Chinese language fluently is no longer a challenge for you. Even in difficult and complexes circumstances you can understand various meanings.