MandaLingua Teaching Concept

From Liu Weipeng, Education Manager - MandaLingua

Differences between us and universities

Compared to the outdated and academic language courses offered by many universities, MandaLingua take particular care to ensure that you have optimal learning conditions. Our lively, varied lesson plans contribute to maintaining high levels of motivation throughout the course. To optimise communicative exchange in class, we keep group sizes particularly small and make your Chinese courses the best in China.

Best practiced curriculum

Based on knowledge and experiences in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, MandaLingua knows which teaching assets are crucial. We know there are 3 key concepts to consider for a successful foreign language study:

MandaLingua Teacher Training Center

  • The MTTC was founded by MandaLingua. It is training internal and external Chinese language teachers, in order to enhance quality of Chinese courses in China. This institution is standing for professionalism and high quality control.

Our own Textbooks

  • Our core team of Chinese and European language professionals developed four new state of the art Chinese textbooks. The textbooks have lively illustrations, are well explained and well structured and they already belong among the best in China.

Teaching Concept

  • Our unique teaching curriculum is well thought-through and therefore, it is providing different teaching methods, course concepts and formats on every language level to meet the variety of students’ needs.

Experienced education department

Our education department consists of China’s best educated Mandarin instructors as well as European Language Professionals. We constantly improve and edit our teaching material and methodology, also by considering critical feedback from our international alumni star students.


All our Chinese teachers have a university degree in Chinese, which establishes their qualifications for teaching Chinese as a foreign language. To meet our high standards for quality in teaching methods, all our teachers regularly trained in our Mandarin Teacher Training Center (MTTC) to expand and enhance their didactic, linguistic, and interpersonal skills.


To understand your learning goals and the measures necessary to achieve these, the assessment of your current language skills is very important. Thus, either before the start of your course or at the latest on your first day of class, we will conduct a personal conversation with you to determine your language level placement and establish your learning goals together with you.

Methods of instruction

MandaLingua teaches Chinese in an understandable and uncomplicated manner, and encourages learning oriented toward day-to-day language use. This gives you a quick sense of achievement. We take particular care to ensure that you learn a lot and receive ample opportunity to practice the language in class. Our lively, varied lesson plans contribute to maintaining high levels of motivation throughout the course.